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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eagle scout rank application 2022

Instructions and Help about Eagle scout rank application 2022

Music hey there guys Matt Gusman here back them to video and today is going to be about how to get their cooking requirements for a tenderfoot second class and first class so just an overview Tenderfoot has three cooking requirements second class has seven cooking requirements and first class has five cooking requirements so as you can see there are many requirements so they can't all be done at the same campout but most of them can be done one after the other so - like Tenderfoot you can knock out the entirety of Tenderfoot and one in one camp out the entirety of the second class and one camp out in the entirety the first class so you could have a minimum of three separate camp outs if you're trying to pace yourself and not try to rush at all because then you might not do it correctly by moving on to the requirements so Tenderfoot in the cooking section 2a says on a campout assists in preparing one of the meals and then tell why it is important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup to be just to demonstrate the appropriate method of safety in cleaning items that's used to prepare serve and eat a meal to see says to explain the importance of eating together as a Patrol and then beginning Tenderfoot only at debris requirements so for for cooking moving on the second class DEA says to explain when it is appropriate to use a fire for cooking or other purposes and when it would not be appropriate to use a fire to be says to use tools from Tenderfoot requirement 3d which was using a knife saw an axe to prepare tinder kindling and fuel wood for cooking fire to C says using those fire items from chibi demonstrate how to build a fire light a fire slept the flames burn for at least two minutes and then safely extinguish with minimal impact to the fire site 2d says to explain what it is appropriate to use a lightweight stove and a propane stove you need to set up the stove light the stove and describe safety procedures for using both stoves so second class of two II it's actually a pretty long one so it says on one campout plan and cook one hot breakfast or lunch and in doing so select foods from the my plate or the current USDA nutritional model and then explain the importance of good nutrition and then transport store and prepare the food so it says to plan and cook the thing that would probably get you is the planning for it so what I did when I was getting these requirements done was I said what each person's job was and what the shopping list was so had like the who the shopper was they didn't location and then we figured out what the menu was what the groceries were.


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