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FAQ - Eagle Scout Rank Application

What is the purpose of Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Eagle Scout Rank Application is used to apply your Eagle Scout application to a particular local council. Before receiving an Eagle Scout recommendation, we recommend that you complete or confirm the application so that you may be prepared for your appointment at the council. The application is used to verify your enrollment at the council and your Eagle Scout ranking. Only completed applications will be considered and any missing or incorrect information will be ignored. Please provide all available personal characteristics as requested on your application. To ensure your personal information is entered correctly, please consult with your Scoutmaster. What information is included on my application? Your application includes the Council Information Form and a number of Scout Rank Categories to describe your interest, qualifications and activity(s) at your local council. For example, you might describe your interest in the Service and Leadership ranks, your interest in the Recreation and Outdoor ranks, your interest in Scouting and the benefits of Scouting to your community, your interest in the Eagle Scout Rank Program and/or the Scoutmaster Service project, any previous council service and your current position in your council. What is required if I am requesting to be appointed as a Scoutmaster? The Application can be signed in any manner that demonstrates your rank and indicates that your application to this council is for appointment as a Scoutmaster. The application does not need to be re-signed when it is processed for appointment. We recommend that you submit the application and all required items at once. What is an Eagle Scout rank? The Scoutmaster rank is reserved for Eagle Scouts who have earned an Eagle Scout rating as indicated on their application and are on the verge of advancing to Eagle Commander. In general, a Scoutmaster is required to serve for one additional year, typically five years, following the rank advancement, and a Master Scout rank is achieved at the completion of four years of service. When does my application become effective for appointment as a Scoutmaster for my local council? The Eagle Scout application is sent to the council on an interim basis so that the council staff can apply their knowledge as to your Eagle Scout rank and activity(s) to make an individual appointment. You will be able to verify your rank and activity through other sources, e.g., the Boy Scouts of America's Official Website or other local resources, as well as any online information about your rank. At the completion of the appointment, the council staff will receive your name and address where we can mail you your Eagle Scout certification.
Who should complete Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Eagle Scout applicants are asked to complete the Application for the Rank of Eagle Scout, and the Rank Certificate, with the assistance of parents or legal guardians of the applicant. The application and Rank certificates can be completed by your older brother or father, your legal guardian, or with the assistance of a parent or guardian of the applicant. There is no additional fee to enter the application or Rank Certificate.
When do I need to complete Eagle Scout Rank Application?
If you're a Scout who is applying to a merit badge for the first time, you won't need to submit an application until you complete at least one phase. Phase 1: Complete a National Merit Badge Application. Eagle Scouts applying to National Merit Badges are required to apply before beginning Phase 2, but may complete any of the phases of an application if an Eagle Scout Rank is required for that merit badge. Phase 2: Complete a National Merit Badge Application for the first time. To continue to meet the requirements of the rank, a National Merit Badge application has to be submitted. If we have an approved application, will it make me eligible for Eagle Scout Rank? The merit badge that you complete will determine what rank you're eligible for. Will I need Eagle Scout Rank to receive an Eagle Scout Award? No. An Eagle Scout will not be recognized if he completes any rank, including Eagle Scout. This applies to the Honor, Merit and Volunteer merit badges. The Scout's Scouting Record will be retained by the Service Committee to determine eligibility for the Eagle Scout Rank. Is there a grade level with which to qualify for the National Merit Badge? Each Scout will need an Eagle Scout Rank to be recognized through Eagle Scout Rank, but a Scout of any rank may attain any rank. What is the merit badge that qualifies as “first merit badge?” The merit badge required for a first merit badge is any merit badge that has an official Eagle Scout Rank associated with it for the purposes of advancement. Why do Scouts need an Eagle Scout Rank as a requirement to attain the Honor, Merit, and Volunteer merit badges? Eagle Scout Rank is required for the merit badges that are considered to be the most significant to advancement, Honor, Merit, and Volunteer. These are merit badges with titles that are highly desirable to all Scouts. Earning one of the Honor, Merit, or Volunteer merit badges is the single-most important step in Scouting. Therefore, there is a high expectation of all Scouts who successfully earn each merit badge, regardless of rank, advancing to Eagle Scout status. Are merit badges awarded based on performance? Each Eagle Scout merit badge has performance standards associated with it and advancement may not occur without achieving that merit badge.
Can I create my own Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Yes. The application is just that — a template. It's a good idea to read the Eagle Scout Rank and Award Program guidelines prior to beginning application. When using this application, you will need to be a registered user associated with your national (e.g., Alaska or Alabama) office of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and you will need to have your local headquarters (e.g., Montgomery, California) or Alaska or Alabama (a) regional office or (b) district office of the BSA to allow you to have access for the application form to be submitted to a local BSA district office. You will be issued a user ID prior to completing the application. Please note that local BSA offices may be required to obtain their own data from the BSA. Eagle Scout applicants are encouraged to request their own local or regional BSA office for the Eagle Scout Rank and Award Program guidelines.
What should I do with Eagle Scout Rank Application when it’s complete?
You can have the Eagle Rank Application sent to you with your Eagle Scout Certificate of Achievement within 30 days of the final Eagle Award ceremony. If you'd prefer to order a separate copy of the application, please contact the National Council on Scouting, National Office at, ext.
How do I get my Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Online applications are available for all Scouting Programs. All applications are made by east and are available for download from. Can I use a personal email address? Email can be requested but should not be used for application submission. Will my Eagle Scout rank be visible online? No. Eagle Scout rank will be provided on your Eagle Scout website. What is the difference between an Eagle Scout and Master Scout? They are two separate programs that must be completed in different ways: By completing the Eagle Scout rank application online and by meeting the required requirements for the grade. They are not interchangeable programs. Can I be inducted into the Eagle Scout rank program if I am on the Honor Roll? No. All Eagle Scouts are eligible to be inducted into the rank program. I am an honor roll student who can join, but I'm trying to join as a master's. Why can't I be inducted if I'm an honor roll boy? Our Eagle Scout ranks have separate requirements for the grade and induction. The honor roll student who wants to honor the program by induction must meet both requirements. For the honor roll boy, only the grade requirement must be met in order to meet induction requirements. Does each grade have different requirements? All rank level requirements are found on your Eagle Scout website. What if I don't believe I meet the requirements for my Eagle Scout rank? Click here to fill out an inquiry form and one of our counselors can review your applications and help you with a rank application if needed and meet your requirements. Are there any requirements for Eagle rank membership that will differ from other adult ranks? No. Eagle rank is the same as all other adult ranks. How would I know if I am an Eagle Scout? Your Eagle Scout website will provide you with your Eagle Scout Rank. What is a “high priority” Eagle Scout? In a nutshell, a candidate for “high priority” Eagle Scout status is the most experienced Eagle Scout in their Scouting organization. Are there any requirements for a young Eagle Scout to meet? A candidate needs to be 13 or older, of good character, fit for membership, be an active member of the youth organization they serve, and have earned high grades and Eagle ratings.
What documents do I need to attach to my Eagle Scout Rank Application?
A few copies of your most recently used personal records are needed (not your Eagle Scout application), as well as three copies of any previously used Eagle Scout records. What if I lose my original documents? Please return any lost documents with appropriate postage within ten business days of receiving them. What is required for my Eagle Scout rank application? We strongly suggest obtaining one of the following two documents from the National Scouting Hall of Fame, as well as from any branch (examples include: Eagle Scout Certificate, Eagle Scout Letter, Eagle Scout Medal, Eagle Scout Service Award). A copy of the official Eagle Scout Record List, as described in Your Rank Selection Process. A copy of any Eagle Scout badge presented to you for your Eagle Scout Application when you were a scout.
What are the different types of Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Below is a link with additional information about the different types of Eagle Scout applications: What is the current selection process for new Eagle Scout positions? The current selection process for new Eagle Scout positions involves a rigorous process that takes several months. There is a rigorous vetting process, and an extensive re-vetting process. If an application is not chosen by the June 5th deadline, it continues to go through the re-vetting process. If it is accepted by the July 3rd deadline, the rank is granted. Otherwise, the application has to reapply in the summer and fall for a second evaluation. Why can't I apply to work at an organization that is part of the National Boy Scout Executive Board? Any Scout or Scouter wishing to be a Scout or Scouter for the organization at which they plan to serve need to hold a current position with that organization. There are many of these different BSA affiliated agencies and organizations. As a member of any one of these groups, you can meet the requirements to make the transition into the BNP Executive Board. How can I use my Eagle Scout experience to help my organization, community, government agency, club or other project? You can use your Eagle Award to motivate others to make change. Through Eagle Scouting, we teach critical life skills, such as leadership, responsibility, integrity, and teamwork. These are skills that will benefit you as you take on new leadership roles in your community, in your company, in your community, in your church, school, or charity organization. How are Boy Scout Troops organized, and who creates and oversees them? In order to keep Scout ranks equal, all Boy Scout Troops are based on merit: Troops must be the result of hard work, dedication, and the spirit of a Scoutmaster. There are two basic categories of Boy Scout Troops: Cub Scouts and Ventures. Cub Scouts are composed of six- to eight-year-old boys who have completed and are currently participating in both the Boy Scouts and the Ventures program. Ventures are comprised of two to four-year-old boys who have completed the Ventures program, and must have successfully completed both the Boy Scouts and the Ventures program in order to join the Cub Scout Troop. In most communities today, Boy Scout Troops can range from 50 to 2,000 volunteers, who share the same values and goals of the Boy Scouts as the boys.
How many people fill out Eagle Scout Rank Application each year?
How are all of those merit badges divided based on merit badges? There are many potential variations on whether there are any merit badges that apply to most Scouts or only a couple. In general, the basic answer is “yes” to both questions. Many merit badges have different requirements and levels of awards — so no merit badge may be worth the same amount when compared to another based on those requirements. Merit badges for which there is a “common” merit badge may be awarded equally merit badges of different value for different areas. Some examples include Eagle Scout, Service project and Field Experience, Field Service Team (FS) and National Boy Scout Service Award (NB SSA). If you earn the same amount of the common merit badge, the award may be the same whether you earn the award in a merit badge, team, service project or project-based program. As mentioned in the FAQ entries on Eagle Scout and Service Projects, merit badges are also worth different amounts for different situations. Is Service Project a required or optional requirement in creating my Eagle Scout merit badge project? Service projects may be included in your Eagle Scout merit badge or supplemental merit badge projects, as noted in the FAQ entries. Are there merit badges that I may not earn? Yes. While many merit badges are available, not all merit badges are available, and some are limited to certain age groups. For example, there is no merit badge for service or outdoor adventure. But all Eagle Scouts who earn that same badge may participate in an outdoor adventure. (For more, see the General FAQ.) Is there a requirement to be Eagle Scout to qualify and claim a merit badge? No. All Eagle Scouts are automatically entitled to participate in all the Eagle Scout projects, as indicated in each merit badge application. There is no age requirement, and it doesn't matter if you've met many of the other requirements and requirements in order to earn the Eagle Scout rank in a previous merit badge project. The following lists merit badges that you're automatically entitled to participate in.
Is there a due date for Eagle Scout Rank Application?
Please make a check or money order payable to the Boy Scouts of America and mail it to: American Eagle Scout Organization PO Box 1514 Baton Rouge, LA 70802 What is the deadline for Eagle Scout Rank Applicants to submit application for Eagle Scout Rank? Eagle Scout applications for the fall of 2015 are to be submitted no later than April 1, 2015. If you submit your Eagle application later than April 1, 2015, and receive a final response that your Scout rank application was accepted into the system, all awards received between April 1, 2015, and April 1, 2016, and all existing awards, will be honored. How and when shall I receive my Eagle Scout award in 2017? Eagle Scout Awards will be mailed to the mailing address used to make your Eagle application. All Eagle Scout members must be certified, on-time, to receive the Eagle Scout Award within 90 days after the end of the year in which they make their application. What grade level and/or rank will I meet my Eagle Scout goal by? Eagle Scout members who reach the highest ranking (4th Eagle Grand Master, 3rd Eagle Scout) will be recognized as Eagle Scouts and awarded the highest Eagle Scout rank upon graduating the program. Any Boy Scout with the requisite achievement (grades K-9) who has passed both the Eagle and Scouting grades, but not the required Eagle service, may still be recognized as an Eagle Scout. How and why will I receive my Eagle Scout grade on graduation from Scout Scouting? The grade earned within Scouting, even if awarded at different times, will be the one displayed on the diploma. If an Eagle Scout has a grade level where the 3 highest points earned all go to the same grade, they will receive the highest grade for any of the 3 years earned. However, the Eagle Scout with the highest grade only will be recognized as the most distinguished Eagle Scout in any one grade during that period. In which grade level did I receive my Eagle Scout degree? Every Eagle Scout who receives a degree and a certificate of excellence from Scoutmaster training program will be identified as that person within the organization. How do I obtain the Eagle Scout service badge? Eagle Scout members must complete and complete and provide documentation to the National Council verifying their Eagle service.
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